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Accessory Designer

​Yukari Asano based in Osaka, Japan started to make accessories in 2001. 

She named her brand as Y's arrange with the philosophy of "Accessory makes your day brighter as Happy Essence" and she loves to share the happiness with her fans. 

Popular Dome rings beaded with colorful Swarovski cutting crystals or pearls fascinated her to make accessories herself. She could imagine how to make the cubic shape without looking at manuals and quickly master to make them. She also made other kinds of accessories with Swarovski crystals and slowly started to sell them as well as teach her friends how to make them. 

Yukari's passion of making accessories moved on to use other materials including other kinds of beads, natural stones, ribbons, laces, buttons, metal parts, chains, leathers, rubbers , fabrics, and colors of thread with many kinds of techniques. Specialty skills of her design are beading, wire work, sewing, knitting etc. She currently focuses on designing with haute-couture embroidery for one-of-a-kind accessories by her hands

She has many interests; photography, calligraphy, personal color and interior. All of her skills into her designs and styles. She designs while thinking about her customers to describe their personality into the accessories; very detail oriented and loving. She is happy to customize the details of parts (colors, lengths) to fit individuals. 

She had joined some contests and entered her masterpieces of "The Harp", "Masquerade Ball" and "The Tokyo." She continuously has held pop-up stores at department stores and private events in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Tokyo. 

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