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The Tokyo


Nominated AJC Creators Contest 2019

Displayed at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Tokyo, one of the biggest and entertaining cities, was chosen to design their famous spots into this necklace using many techniques. "Wa", the key word of this design, means Olympic Rings or Peace also sounds like wow! 

This piece has passionate from Tokyo Olympic, Harmony and Entertaining.  

February, 2019

Asyuka Rose Series

Ms. Yuka Kaede, Ambassador at Swarovski, created Rose Shape of Swarovski Crystal coating with Moonlight color. She held the Asyuka Rose Exhibition to showcase this breathtaking rose crystal.

10 accessory designers joined to showcase their designs using this beautiful piece with different colors and each technique. Y's arrange also joined this exhibition, and made necklaces, rings and broaches. 

Her theme color is gray & mauve and the techniques is hand embroidered. She used one of the special techniques of Haute-Couture embroidery and draw Eiffel Tower and Butterfly to describe Paris and French Chic. All accessories here are absolute special pieces. 

February 29th , 2020

The 1000 Years

朝日放送60周年記念番組『金色の翼広げて〜平等院は浄土の輝き〜』(2011.2.11 on air)

Displayed at Byodoin Museum (2010.10-2011.4)

Byodoin is known as registered as the world heritage. 

In 2004, full-scale renovation in the Heisei period began and the Amida Buddha was taken. 

September, 2010

Masquerade Party

Published in Beads Art Magazine

Nominated AJC Creators Contest 2019

Y's arrange joined Beads Art Magazine Project. Joined artists need to use new color Swarovski just released that year and more than 70% Swarovski in your design.

This pieces are describing Masquerade Party and very gorgeous, as the theme of "Party." She is good to mix materials into her design and used tulle, lace, leather, feather and buttons except Swarovski crystals. 

At accessory making class, students arranged bracelet deigns to a chocker and this is one the popular items.

July, 2014



Nominated AJC Creators Contest 2019

Displayed at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Main parts of this design are pastel colors of Swarovski Crystals. Beading each flower with stringing then wired to the shape of harp. Named "Praying Harp" like flower petal playing sound. 

I designed this piece to think my most loved ones, and hope this peace give you a little happiness.

March, 2012

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